Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am not worried about making bad videos early in my career anymore

Because Weird Al made this video well into his career:

If you can turn Weird Al's work into a disorienting three minute hodgepodge, you might be a red neck.

Friday, October 24, 2008

There is a funny story to go along with this video...

I directed it. It was quite a bit of work to pull off.
I think it came out well.

It has been online for well over a year and it has had almost 7,000 views. Not bad right?

Before you answer -- there was another video made for this same song.

A very complex video. A real thinker.
Here's the summary...
A girl strip teasing to the song in the shower.

The one webcam used really brought a lot of depth and feel to the video.
I can't imagine the countless hours it took to produce.

And it paid off...
After about a month, it had more than 1.1 million views.

Decent -- for porn, I guess.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Exclusive: President Bush raps Eminem's 'Criminal' (Parody)

I've posted the lyrics and credits here.

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Lyrics and Credits: George Bush raps Eminem (Parody)

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Watch the video here.

Stream the song on Myspace or Purevolume.

Lyrics by Irony for Me:
Hello, my fellow Americans.
Things are getting rough out there in the financial market.
And it's especially hard for me.
Because people are asking me questions.
And I hate questions.
Cause they're difficult.
People think that if I say something on TV that I'm actually gonna do it in real life or that I believe in it.
Well, dang! If you believe that, I'll just deport ya.
You know why?
Cause I'm Criminal!

Heh, you got that right --
I'm a Criminal.
He, he, he

Using big words gets me all tense.
They're just like numbers,
sometimes they don't make sense

And it's just too hard to understand questions when you don't know the definitions of the words used in the sentence.

Like -- Are you a homophobic? Nah, but you're bushaphobic.

Making fun of me,
saying I have a responsibility.

I think that's bull! I do everything I need to right from my iGoogle.

So just leave me alone.
I need to go home.
Want to watch some TV.
Practice my golf swing on my Nintendo Wii.

How am I going to go to Cheney's daughter's wedding
if my second term as president sends me jailin?

Relax Sean Penn, I like black and Mexican men.
Like Jack Black. "Canten!"

Please Lord, send me some nachos and Cheez-Its,
a side of onion rings and a t-bone steak.
And please make all those Democrats in Congress turn into a nice fat piece of chocolate cheesecake.

Ms. Speaker, Speaker! You look like my fifth grade teacher.

And you can't reach me and my daddy can't neither.
And you can't tell me anything cause
I watch Fox News with Bill O'Reily
And you ain't able to control my thoughts.
I still can't understand these gosh dang charts
that Al Gore put up on the movie screen.
I haven't fallen asleep during a movie since Jenna was 16.

And think, it's just little old me.
The dimwit dumber than Jeb finally got ahead.
I'm a Criminal!

Every time I try find a criminal who's committed a crime like someone smoking pot all the time. (Yeah, I'm a criminal!)
I just give my boys the word, we can stop all those nerds from inhaling, it's against the law, right McPalin? (Criminal!)

Every time I try find a criminal who's committed a crime like someone smoking pot all the time. (Yeah, I'm a criminal!)
I just give my boys the word, we can stop all those nerds from inhaling, it's against the law, right McPalin? (Criminal!)

The other day, young Timmy five-years-old from North Arlington, Pennsylvania, came up to me and I asked him, "What would childrens do learn?"
And he said, Mr. President, I don't know much, but I want to know one thing -- What's the best way to be a better American.
And I said one thing -- Support your troops, that's it.
You know that was kind of good. After this I'm hitting the lecture circuit!

Every time I try find a criminal who's committed a crime like someone smoking pot all the time. (Yeah, I'm a criminal!)
I just give my boys the word, we can stop all those nerds from inhaling, it's against the law, right McPalin? (Criminal!)

I'm just playing America, you know I love you. God Bless!

Original song "Criminal" by Eminem on his album The Marshall Mathers LP.
Composed by M. Mathers/Bass Brothers.
The music used in Irony for Me's parody was sequenced by Keith Banta of K.B. Productions. The midi was found here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200

Here's a screen shot from the video I made.

It is complete.
I will release it this week.

There will be more Irony for Me songs and videos to follow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My girlfriend has designed the perfect Halloween costume

A lamb costume is a great way to stay warm while walking around on Halloween night.

And it's a super great costume to pick up chicks with because -- come on, isn't that the hottest costume ever?
Who can resist a cute lamb?

No stealing!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oliver Stone has a new film

So guess who had the same idea I had.
Oliver Stone.

We are both releasing a video making fun of President Bush right before the 2008 election.

I hope folks don't confuse my video as a promotion for his movie. It is not. It is a coincidence.

Unlike my video, which will be released soon, Stone's film already has at least one bad review:
"The film is unable to achieve any aims higher than as a sort of engaging pop-history pageant and amateur, if not inapt, psychological evaluation, due to the unavoidable lack of perspective and a final act that has yet to be written."
- Todd McCarthy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

President Bush is in the video I am making

Just kidding! It's me in a Bush costume. Freaky ain't it?

Every musician must have a crazy, good-looking vanity shot

Here is mine. I'm wearing suspenders because they are cool. I'm holding my chin because it itches. I'm smiling because I'm thinking about cheese.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best day ever for Weird Al fans

One crisis averted. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and will remain a Mac.

Weird Al's song "Whatever You Like" was released today on iTunes, despite earlier technical difficulties. It's a parody of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like."

Listening to this song, you can really appreciate the fact that he released it over the internet instead of waiting to put it on CD because of its timeliness.

It's all about how the average American is handling the credit crisis. But it's funny.

Of course, we may still be in this mess when his next CD comes out and then that would make the whole must release this song now while it's still fresh thing all for naught.

I hope he's an Obama supporter.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sad, terrible, horrible day for Weird Al fans

Weird Al in a tutu, but you can't really make that out.

As you can imagine, Weird Al is one of my favorite artists.

He is everything I aspire to be...funny and old.

A big freak "glitch" happened that has let me down.

It's probably not Weird Al's fault. It probably is iTunes' (a.k.a. Apple's) fault though...because they have to be first to release everything.
Guess what? They messed up!

Today, iTunes was supposed to make available Weird Al's new single titled "Whatever You Like." This release is huge for a number of reasons -- it's the first parody Weird Al has ever written with the same name as the original song, T.I.'s "Whatever You Like." AND even more importantly, this is supposed to be Weird Al's first parody to be released while the original song is still number one on the Billboard Hot 100 -- since he's releasing over the net instead of on CD months after the song was popular like he usually does.

Here's what's been on all day:
Apparently there was a glitch at iTunes last night and Al's new single - "Whatever You Like" - didn't debut with the rest of the new releases. We're being told that they're working on the problem and (hopefully!!) it will be up later today. We'll definitely let you know when that happens!

Well, it's still not up. And from what I know about iTunes they only update their New Releases once a week and it's possible next week T.I.'s song won't be number one! OH THE HUMANITY! Oh, no! THE HORROR! Mercy! WHY? WHY?!!!! Who cares about the credit crisis? Weird Al didn't release his song on the right day! I might just become a PC over this.

Obviously, I'm just kidding.

I would never become a PC because they are stereotypically Weird Al-esque and who wants to be like him?.......PC, here I come!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kill the virus, but do not kill the video

Even real amazing musicians get sick every now and then and must take time off.

I am sick. With a cold. Or vertigo. Or bronchitis. Or maybe something else. I'm not going to tell you exactly what I have because then I wouldn't be a real amazing musician. I'd just be a wannabe real amazing musician who tells everyone his business.

As you can imagine, this mystery illness has postponed my work on my first video project.

But it has not stopped my mom from drawing something for me to use in the video.

WARNING: This is the scariest image you will ever see -- hide the kids.

On another note, Gawker thinks viral video is dead. And they are dead wrong.

I still enjoy a funny video from a friend.

Viral videos still have upped the ante for commercials and music videos.

I think the point is that viral videos can't suck as much anymore.

There really needs to be something to backup how silly a video is getting. Like a message or the sake of being artsy.

All this "viral" talk is making me feel sick.